i) Civil Engineering (CE) ii) Automobile Engineering (AE) iii) Electronics & Tele Communication Engineering (ETCE) iv) Electrical Engineering (EE) v) Mechanical Engineering (ME)
RPBMJCET believes & wishes its students to be highly diciplined, cultured, progressive, and constructive and carrier oriented. There fore the students must obey the following rules & regulations :

The student should strictly obey the instructions given by the Principal / Faculty members / competent authority from time to time. Students found disobeying such instructions will be expelled from the institute.
The students must be regular & particular in attendence. Any kind of irregularity will be brought to the knoledge of the guardians. Attendence in tutorials classes, additional classes that may be prescribed by the Principal / Faculty members and in routine class tests are compulsory. The student found weak in a certain subject may be asked to attend extra classes by the Principal / Faculty members on demand.
The student must complete the task assigned to him by the Principal / Faculty members in time. Failure to do the same in time will invite deciplinary actions.
The students will not be allowed to attend the class who are late 5 min.
Silence must be strictly maintained in the library all the times.
Loitering in the corridors, unnecessary gathering and smoking in the campus are strictly prohibited.
The student should not cause any damage to any properties of the Institute. Any damage caused by a student will be recoverd from him with penalty.
The student found guilty of an act of misconduct either inside or outside the campus will face disciplinary actions against it. Intially penalty will be imposed by the college authority. In extreme cases the candidate/s may be expelled from the Institute.
The students should wear the uniform as decided by the college and normaly carry the identity card issued to him.
The student should pay attention to the notice board regularly. The authority will not be responsible for any loss of faculties / information due to over looking the notice board in time.
The student should park their vehicle, if any, at proper place of the Institute.
Ragging in any form either inside / outside the campus or in the hostel or on the way (any where ) is strictly prohibited as per order of the Supreme Court.
Rules and regulations are subject to addition, alteration & modification from time to time by the competent authority.
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